Victoria Avenue Wellbeing

Valeria Zoteyeva

Health Psychologist, MAPS

Phone: 0414 746 567
Email: [email protected]



Valeria from Being Well Psychology is a fully registered and endorsed Health Psychologist, with a Clinical Masters in Health Psychology from Australia and a Masters in Performance & Organizational Psychology from overseas.

She has completed her registrar program in chronic pain and is also a Certified Sleep Psychologist with the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Valeria has also completed research in Music Psychology, the results of which she has presented at several international psychology conferences.

Valeria helps people with:

  • Chronic pain; medically unexplained (somatic) symptoms
  • Establishing healthy eating patterns (eg issues with comfort eating, binge eating); preparing for weight related surgery
  • Sleep issues
  • Self defeating and self sabotaging patterns in life
  • Couple, interpersonal, relationship and intimacy problems
  • Depression, anxiety and stress

She is dedicated to helping people maximize their potential and creative expression.

Valeria’s clients report significant long-term improvement because she works collaboratively with them on their core issues and not only on symptom management – therefore improving the client’s relationship with the Self.

In addition to individual therapy Valeria also runs psycho-educational classes and psychotherapy groups addressing a range of problems as outlined above.

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