Four acupressure points you can use to relieve flu and cold

Four acupressure points you can use to relieve flu and cold

By Amanda Cox

There are a lot of cold and flu bugs around at the moment – and their spread is exacerbated by the cold winter weather.  But did you know that there are some acupuncture points that are very useful for relieving the symptoms of these ailments? I’ve written about four of them below. If can’t make it into the clinic because you are busy coughing and spluttering, you can do some home acupressure as follows…

How to apply acupressure

In all cases give the point a press and hold, or massage it with your index finger for a few minutes to feel the effect.

1. Sore Throat? Lung 10 (Yuji)

This point is located on the thenar eminence of the palm – or the ‘bulge’ on the palm beneath the thumb.  I find it incredibly effective in relieving a sore throat. It literally takes the heat or ‘fire’ out.

2. Phlegmy Cough? Lung 9 (Taiyuan)

Located at the wrist joint in a little depression below the thumb between the base of the thumb and the radius.  This point is very good at alleviating phlegm, and descending cough.

3. Sinus Congestion or Headache? Bladder 2 (Zanzhu)

Located in the dip at the middle end of each eyebrow, this point can really relieve sinus congestion and help to release mucus.  It is also great for relieving sinus headache.

4. Sneezing? Du24 (Shenting)

This point is located in the centre of the hairline, about half a centimetre up and into it. It is a wonderful point for stopping excessive sneezing. It also alleviates runny eyes and headache.

Finally… a cup of tea

I always recommend cinnamon tea to clear sinus congestion, and ginger tea for sore throats and cough. Why not make your own tea at home? Simply take a thumb tip size lump of fresh ginger root and remove the rind. Crush it in a garlic crusher, or chop into little pieces. Add a slice and squeeze of lemon and, for dry tickly coughs and sore throats, a little bit of honey. Boil the kettle, pour and let it brew. Enjoy!