A mindful moment with strangers on the way to work

A mindful moment with strangers on the way to work

By Amanda Cox

What is the point of travelling through scenic countryside if you don’t look out the window? The same could be said of life. Many of us go through it in a constant whirl, too busy plugging our headphones into our iPhone and catching up on our work emails to watch and listen to the wonderful things happening around us.

I have walked the path to my Melbourne acupuncture clinic many times before. It’s a green and tranquil place, soundtracked by noisy but melodious birds – and the occasional possum. I like it. But the other day, I stopped and really looked at something I’d been too busy to notice until now.

I noticed that along one section of the path, hundreds of hand-decorated tiles had been incorporated into the surface. Each one was imprinted with a message dating from 1978. I started to read…

I love you, save the earth

I found some inspirational words: ‘Smile’, ‘Enjoy yourself and be happy’, ‘I love you’, ‘Can you make it?’, ‘Yes’. They all made me smile and contemplate how I was feeling.

Can you make it? Smile!

More political, but still relevant nearly 40 years later: ‘Save the Earth’, ‘Save mankind – stop uranium mining’.

‘Save the Earth’, ‘Save mankind – stop uranium mining’

Then there were personal messages: ‘I love my wife very much her name is Maria’.

How many times do we rush through life and not really notice what is around us?

A wise man once said to me, “All things come from stillness,” and this is something I often say to my patients. If we plant a bulb or a seed in the ground, it needs time to be still before it releases its energy to sprout and thrive.

Take some time to stop and notice, or stop and disconnect from the constant whirl of thoughts in your head.

Whether it be half an hour on my Melbourne acupuncture couch, 10 minutes on a guided meditation, or just five minutes stopping on your journey to work to really notice what is around you.

Your mind will thank you, and your energy will thrive.

Enjoy yourself and be happy